Anvesh Jain Infographic NATO and Canada

NATO Defence Ministerial – Infographic

This month, all 29 NATO Defence Ministers will meet at the alliance’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. This infographic, produced by the NATO Association of Canada, provides a visualization of the Defence Ministerial agenda, and looks at some of the key figures to keep an eye on as the meetings get underway over the next few days.

Anvesh Jain
Anvesh Jain is a student pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto – St. George, with a specialisation in International Relations. He is actively involved both on and off campus in Toronto, as well as back home in Calgary, Alberta. Anvesh has worked as a Constituency Assistant in the Parliamentary Riding of Calgary Forest Lawn, and as a Program Editor for the NATO Association of Canada. His research interests include topics in Canadian and South Asian international relations, with particular regard for questions of grand strategy and diplomatic history. His work has been published by the Mackenzie Institute, the Southern California International Review, and the Literary Review of Canada, and he is an avid follower and player of Cricket.