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Infographic: Education in Emergencies

“Children don’t need education even in emergencies; they need education especially in emergencies. Without an education, how will they gain the knowledge and skills to chart their own futures – and to someday lend their hands to building more peaceful, stable futures for their societies?”

-UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake.

Education in Emergencies Infographic

Photo by the European Commission DG ECHO via FlickrLicensed under CC BY 2.0.

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Natasha Dobrijevic
Natasha is a current Program Editor at the NATO Association of Canada. Prior to joining the NATO Association of Canada, Natasha spent two years working in Gender and Educational Programming with Save the Children and Plan Canada. She has spent a little over four of the past ten years working and studying abroad in three regions and four countries, gaining hands on experience in Arab women’s education through her work at Princess Nora University in Saudi Arabia. She currently holds an MA in International Relations from the University of Barcelona, is fluent in four languages, and has gone volcano boarding. You can contact Natasha by email at natasha.dobrijevic@gmail.com.