Domestic Income Fairness and Strategic Global Security…now one and the same?

Former Senator Hugh Segal, the Chair of the NATO Association of Canada, recently published a policy paper on the relationship between domestic income fairness and global security at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute.


“For decades, the two fields of domestic social policy and global security policy have been intentionally kept separate by politicians, civil servants and business and labour lobbies. As Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Mulroney in Ottawa (who served between 1984 and 1993), debates about foreign military deployments or post-Soviet Union recognition of new democracies in Eastern Europe rarely, if ever, focused on any linkage between income security challenges in the countries upon which we concentrated and the geopolitics of military alliances or necessary deployments. This began to change during the NATO deployment in Afghanistan, however more must be done. Reducing income inequalities in Europe, democratic Asia, Africa, and North America, while jointly pursuing an integrated domestic income security mission as part and parcel of a global security engagement, is no longer one of those “wouldn’t it be nice options”. Abdication by the West here would be much more than serious and could end up producing even more costly and complex geopolitical threats.” (CGAI summary)


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Domestic Income Fairness and Strategic Global Security…now one and the same?

Photo courtesy of Hugh Segal

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