Operations Pierre-Olivier Bussieres

The Black Sea Divide: The Importance of NATO in Eastern Europe

What are the underlying divisions between states in the Black Sea region? Pierre-Olivier Bussieres explores the economic reasons for Romania and Bulgaria’s disagreements over a proposal to create a joint NATO Black Sea naval force and what it says about European integration.

Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Pierre-Olivier Bussieres

Resource Wars: Actors, Stakes, and What to Expect for the Coming Years

Terrorist organizations are increasingly converting to racketeering and rent-seeking, essentially disputing governments’ key role in distributing resources. Pierre-Olivier Bussieres discusses the security implications of price volatility in natural resources.

Expanding Community Pierre-Olivier Bussieres

Building Unity in the Middle East: Can the Gulf Cooperation Council be a Force for Change?

Is the Gulf Cooperation Council building unity and stability in the Middle East? Pierre-Olivier Bussieres looks at the history, problems, and future prospects of the GCC and why it matters.