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NATO and Canada Touraj Riazi

5 Differences Between Trump and Obama’s NATO Speeches

Obama’s final speech to NATO came in Warsaw 2016 after the Warsaw Summit had concluded. The speech’s length, around 12 minutes, was roughly similar to the length of Trump’s speech, but the similarities quickly end here. Despite addressing some common topics, the manner in which each President decided to address these topics draws attention to Read More…

NATO and Canada NATO Operations Touraj Riazi

5 Reasons Why Upcoming US Interceptor Test Affects American Deterrence

On May 30th 2017, America will test its Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system (GMD) against a target designed to simulate an ICBM attack against the continental United States for the first time. This test occurs against a backdrop of growing worries relating to North Korea’s nuclear program and their active attempts to procure an ICBM capable Read More…