Tomasz Trembowski was a Contributor at the NATO Association of Canada. He completed his BA in Political Science, with a concentration in International Relations at Carleton University. He was also locally engaged by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ottawa serving as the PR & Media Advisor. In November of 2012 his work was recognized with the Bronze Cross of Merit for exemplary public service, awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland. His interests lie in EU security, Trans-Atlantic security relations, global economic warfare, African security issues and cyber warfare.
Africa Tomasz Trembowski

East Africa Rising

New energy discoveries and greater investment in the energy sector sees East Africa becoming a world super power in energy in the not too distant future. The Ethiopian government, for example, has published an ambitious Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) which will see it become a major energy exporter to neighbouring states. Kenya, Ethiopia and Southern Sudan Read More…