Tim Feller was the editor for the Canada’s Strategic Reserve program at the NATO Association of Canada. He is a graduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science where he completed a Masters degree in the History of International Relations. Tim wrote his Master’s dissertation on South Africa and Zimbabwe, examining the literary and cinematic representations of both societies and how they interpret their colonial legacies. Tim also holds a BA in Political Science from Huron University College (Western University). He enjoys learning about foreign affairs and his other research interests include asymmetric warfare, the United Nations and NATO, transatlantic intelligence cooperation, the history of war and military cultures, and the future of war.
Timothy J. Feller

A Historical Case Study on Asymmetric Warfare: Were French Counter-Insurgency Tactics Successful in the Algerian War of Independence?

In the second part of his series on asymmetric warfare, Tim Feller explores which lessons can be learned from French counterinsurgency during the Algerian War (1954-1962).