Mona Mamiche is currently completing her international bachelor of arts degree at Glendon College for international studies and French. Having accomplished a semester abroad in Lyon, France at Universite Lumiere Lyon 2, she is fluent in the French language, as well as having some understanding of Polish. As a member of the Best Buddies organization of Canada, she has organized and participated in past events held by the organization throughout the duration of her high school years. Her areas of interest lie specifically in the influence that culture and the media has on the understanding of the ways in which international security is envisioned by the Canadian population. Striving to promote a more complete perspective of the initiatives to improve and maintain international peace and security, she is currently partaking in an internship at the NATO Association of Canada to reinforce the Canadian notion of international security. She can be contacted by email at
Cyber Security and Emerging Threats

#TheAmazonIsBurning – and here’s why

The Amazon is burning. Satellites from the National Institute for Space Research recorded over 30, 000 fires in the rainforest in the month of August, and the fires show no sign of abating. It has been reported that fire activity in the rainforest has not been this severe since nearly a decade ago. The lungs Read More…