Mahsa Alimardani is a fourth year student in Political Science and Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations at the University of Toronto. She’s been a reporter for Taiwan’s Taipei Times, as well as a writer and broadcaster for U of T’s radio station CIUT and newspaper The Varsity. She’s been part of the communications team for MSF/Doctor’s Without Borders, and recently completed her senior honours thesis on the women’s movement in Iran and plans to pursue graduate studies in human rights.
The Middle East and North Africa

Women: The Egyptian Revolution’s Biggest Losers

During the first 18 days of demonstrating for freedom and democracy, Egyptian men and women stood side by side in Tahrir Square. Women died next to men and did not falter in their pursuit of these ideals. As the struggle becomes institutionalized, however, the voices and demands of women are being limited and ignored in Read More…