Andrew Walker is a graduate of Dalhousie University’s History and Political Science program, where he focused on Cold War History and International Security. Andrew began his internship with the NATO Association of Canada in May 2012, operating as a Maritime Security analyst. Through this appointment, Andrew hopes to develop his skills in the fields of maritime security and intelligence studies, focusing in particular on maritime terrorism, homeland defence, and economic “choke points”. Andrew is interested in exploring how economic violence can affect national security, with a specific focus on how intelligence can mitigate the vulnerability of trade and commercial targets of violence. Contact:
Andrew Walker Canada Maritime Nation Terrorism

Breaking The Bottleneck: Maritime Terrorism and “Economic Chokepoints” (part 1)

The probability of a terrorist attack on a major North American port may be low for some security analysts, but given the catastrophic effect an attack could have on such “economic chokepoints,” the costs could be immeasurable.