The Annan Plan: Internal Failure but External Hope

Kofi Annan’s six point plan has been sidelined as a total failure by many political observers and increasingly by those within the Obama administration. It may be argued that the Syrian rebels agree, given a recent bombing of army troops guarding United Nations observers. The initiatives put forward by the former Secretary General of the United Nations, specifically the […]

NATO and the Arab Spring: Democracy Promotion and Security Sector Reform

Given NATO’s linkages to Arab states through the Mediterranean Dialogue, the Alliance should actively support the transition to democracy in post-Arab Spring countries by utilizing its various resources in the realms of institutional creation, democracy promotion, and security sector reform. NATO’s efforts to support the Arab Spring, particularly its operation in Libya, have brought the specter […]

The Syrian Uprising: Signs of a Protracted Military Conflict

By: Alexander Corbeil The Syrian crisis has entered into its eleventh and bloodiest month, with roughly 8,000 dead and no end in sight. The Free Syrian Army (FSA), though under heavy barrage in Homs, continues to provide stiff resistance against President Bashir al-Assad. Damascus’s security forces and elements of the military have proven their loyalty […]

A “Militiaous” Turn of Events in Libya

By: Alexander Corbeil Clashes in Tripoli last week between rival militias from Zintan and Misrata highlight a disturbing trend in post-Gaddafi Libya. With the powerful tyrant now dead and his forces thwarted by a combined Libyan-NATO effort, a power vacuum has emerged. The National Transition Council’s leader Mustafa Abdel-Jalil warned that Libya faced “bitter options” […]