Strategic Reserve

Introducing a New Program Focusing on the Canadian Reserve

The Primary Reserve is the Foot Print of the Military in the  Canadian Community 

The Strategic Reserve Program is a new initiative by The NATO Council of Canada, which aims to push the Primary Reserve of the Canadian Forces into the forefront of Canadian public debate. Our objective is to make the challenges, successes, and accomplishments of the Canadian Primary Reserve more visible and familiar to the Canadian public, business leaders, policy makers and politicians. Our aim for this program is to educate these different sectors by the use of publications, interviews, and community outreach.

Mainstream media and academia have often neglected to write on such a vital topic. The Primary Reserves have played a pivotal role in defending Canada and its interests. For example, when the Second World War broke out in September 1939, about half the volunteers joining the Canadian Active Service Force to fight overseas were former or serving members of the Non-Permanent Active Militia and the Permanent Active Militia. During operations in Afghanistan, about 20 per cent to 30 per cent of Canada’s brigade group in Afghanistan were reservists.

The Primary Reserve includes 4000-strong Naval Reserve, the Air Reserve of some 2300 personnel, a Health Services Reserve, the Judge Advocate General Reserve, the new Canadian Special Operations Command Reserve, and the Army Reserve.

The NATO Council of Canada Strategic Reserve Program is one of a kind, and it is our hope to become the hub of Canadian Primary Reserve affairs.

Kind Regards,

Strategic Reserve Program Editor,

Kyle MacDonald


Kyle MacDonald
Kyle MacDonald is a Transatlantic and North American Security Analyst at the NATO Association of Canada. Kyle holds a Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Guelph. Kyle specializes in international political economy, global emerging markets, geopolitics, and Canadian foreign policy. You can contact him through Email: and/or Twitter: @KyleQMacDonald