Women in Security covers a wide-range of issues as it explores the link between women, security, and development. As a forum to stimulate discussion and instructive debates, the NATO Association of Canada will examine the ways in which women both contribute to and are the focus of Canadian and NATO defence and security initiatives. This program also offers a critical look at the structures and institutions that shape the role of women in security at home and abroad.

Alexandra Zakreski Women in Security

Military Rape Culture: Endemic or Epidemic?

In the past year there has been an influx of reports on a supposed “rape culture” within the United States military. Female soldiers have come forward in large numbers alleging that they experienced sexual harassment, assault, and even repeated rape at the hands of their male colleagues and superiors.

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Nov. 21: Roundtable Conference – Women on the Frontline

Please join us from 6:00-­8:30pm on the evening of November 21st at Hazelton Place for a discussion on Canada’s initiatives to integrate women into its domestic and international defence policies. This conference will explore the barriers female combatants face both in their employment in Canada and their operational deployment in Afghanistan. Furthermore, it will consider Read More…