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Celebrating the Life of Julie Lindhout (1941-2023)

On March 14, a celebration of the life of Julie Lindhout (1941-2023), former and long-time president of the Atlantic Council of Canada—today known as the NATO Association of Canada—and a director of the Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI), was held at the RCMI in Toronto. Attendees, which included family and members of the NATO Association Read More…

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The Nordics and NATO: the new normal – rebalancing global security

This event was hosted by the University of Calgary in partnership with the NAOC, more information can be found on their website here. About this event On September 29, 2022, The University of Calgary hosted an in-person and livestreamed forum featuring the Ambassadors of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. In collaboration with the NAOC, the Read More…

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A Decade of Engagement: Jean Chrétien and NATO

Significant international events—the breakup of Yugoslavia, NATO enlargement, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, to name a few—occurred during Jean Chrétien’s decade as prime minister. This retrospective examines Chrétien’s foreign policy with a specific emphasis on his government’s engagement with NATO.

Afghanistan Previous Events

Afghanistan between War and Peace

On January 20th, 2022, the NATO Association of Canada is proud to host a panel discussion to reflect on the fall of the Afghan government following the U.S. withdrawal in the summer of 2021. Our experts Kathy Gannon and Kamran Bokhari will reflect on the events that led to the fall of the Afghan government and discuss the current state of affairs in Afghanistan. Two veteran observers of the region, Kathy and Kamran will help us understand the complex, multi-faceted conflict that has ravaged the country for over a decade.

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The NordStream 2 Pipeline and the Future of European Energy Security

This event was live broadcast on our YouTube channel, and a recording can be viewed here. Russia’s NordStream 2 gas pipeline to Germany remains very much in the news, especially as winter looms in Europe. What are the chances that the pipeline will overcome legal and regulatory hurdles to enter into service; and if it Read More…

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The Future of North Atlantic Cooperation: A Lithuanian Perspective

We are excited to be hosting a virtual discussion with H.E. Darius Skusevičius, Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to Canada on October 27th at 2 PM ET! Watch the event here. The discussion will focus on Canada-Lithuania relations, security interests, transatlantic relations and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also touch Read More…

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Countering Cyber Hacks Against Businesses and Critical Infrastructure

Are you worried about the prevalence of hacking and spear phishing in todays modern workplace? Watch the 4th Panel of the NATO Association of Canada’s Challenges to Cyber Resiliency Series to hear our panel of experts discuss the threats of hacking to businesses and critical infrastructure, and what can be done to prevent these hacks.  This Read More…

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Cyber Espionage and IP Theft

Are you interested in learning more about what the threats of cyber espionage and IP theft and how they effect national security and economic prosperity? Join the NATO Association of Canada for the 5th panel of our Challenges to Cyber Resiliency Series to hear our panel of cyber experts discuss the threat of espionage and IP theft Read More…

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Challenges to Cyber Resiliency Series – Diversity in Cyber Security

Are you interested in hearing about women and diversity in cyber security? Join us for the second panel of our Challenges to Cyber Resiliency Series to hear our panel of experts discuss the challenges facing diversity in cyber security and the importance of incorporating people from different backgrounds and experiences into the cyber field. Register here to Read More…