Thomas Turmel is a student at the Royal Military College of Canada where he is pursuing an Honours B.A. in military-strategic studies with a minor in economics. He is also studying Arabic and culture at Université Laval in Quebec City. Thomas has been active with the International Society of Military Science (ISMS) and with the Model United Nations Association at Laval. Additionally, he is a research assistant at the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, at Queen's University at Kingston. His research focuses on hostile foreign influence on western social media and on the Canadian defence economy. He is fluent in French and English and has a growing knowledge of Arabic. Upon graduation, he will be commissioned in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Second Lieutenant.
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La législation française sur la désinformation, un exemple à suivre ?

En novembre 2018, l’Assemblé nationale française adoptait La loi contre la manipulation de l’information. La France suivait alors les traces de l’Allemagne en se dotant d’une loi sur la désinformation adaptée aux plateformes sociales du 21e siècle. En fait, la loi française qui a été adoptée était une mise à jour, une adaptation aux nouvelles réalités Read More…

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One Event, Two Headlines: Media Bias in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

With the last episode of Israeli-Gaza violence seemingly behind us, Thomas Turmel examines how the narrative surrounding a violent incident in East Jerusalem was manipulated both by the Times of Israel and Al Jazeera to present a bias view of the events.


The Tweet that launched an airstrike: Is social media a new weapon in the Israel-Palestine conflict?

Disinformation and social media are increasingly used in tandem during conflicts. Thomas Turmel examines a potential ploy by the Israeli forces to lure Hamas fighters into their fighting position to then launch strikes on them with a Tweet.