Stephanie Gomes is currently working as a Junior Research Fellow for Women in Security at the NATO Association of Canada. Stephanie recently completed a BA (Honours) in Political Studies from Queen’s University. During her studies, issues such as mental health in the armed forces, and women’s involvement in domestic and international levels of politics were topics of her research projects. The extracurricular clubs that she was involved with were also influenced by these topics of interest. Stephanie has volunteered with local MPs, attended several political conferences at Queen’s, and was a member of Women in International Security (WIIS Canada). She graduated with an Honours Thesis focusing on women’s different participation levels during international security operations. Stephanie hopes to find a research position with an international security organization and she plans on pursuing a Master’s in international affairs and policy. Email:
Canadian Armed Forces

The Ongoing Mental Health Battle Amongst Canadian Soldiers

Efficient mental-health programs can have a significant impact on the psychological well-being of soldiers. In this article, Stephanie Gomes provides a more thorough explanation of these programs, while also encouraging more efforts to be made on the part of the Department of National Defence as well as Canadians.