Dania El-Ayoubi is a Research Analyst for the NATO Association of Canada and works in the non-profit sector as a Community Engagement and Communications Coordinator for the Guelph-Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination, hosted by United Way. Dania is an Alumna of the University of Guelph where she holds an Honours degree in International Development with an Area of Emphasis in Political Economy and Administrative Change. She is also an Alumna of the 2022 NATO Field School and Simulation Program. As a Canadian-Lebanese, Dania has been passionate about emerging sectors of security as well as power and dynamic relations, especially in the Middle East. Her time with the NATO Field School allowed her to travel Europe and gain insight from dozens of senior policymakers and senior professionals in security and defence. Dania aims to contribute to the field of international security through her knowledge and expertise, and is eager to learn more about the emerging and contemporary security threats of our world today through the NATO Association of Canada.