Aanjalie Collure is from Toronto, Ontario has recently graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MPhil in Development Studies. She currently lives in Washington, DC., where she is a Global Communication Fellow with IntraHealth International, and a steering committee member for the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition. She is also a fellow in the Global Health Corps Fellowship program directed by Barbara Bush Jr., which aims to place young professionals in the field of global health and international development with organizations committed to these causes. At Cambridge, Aanjalie was a Research Intern for the Cambridge Centre of Governance and Human Rights’ Africa’s Voices program, and was an Editor for The Cambridge Globalist magazine. Aanjalie is interested in issues related to social justice and international development during times of conflict and civil unrest.
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The Gift that Keeps on Taking: Using Development to Neglect Political Rights in Chilean Indigenous Policy

The Chilean government seemingly democratic, inclusive and multicultural policies are not what they seem on the surface.