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Annual Award for Exceptional Contribution to International Peace and Security

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The NATO Council of Canada’s Annual Award for Exceptional Contribution to International Peace and Security is next month. If you have not already purchased a ticket, click here  or scroll to the bottom.

This year’s award recipient, Troels Frøling, has a solid reputation for establishing ambitious projects which target the growth of civil society within struggling democracies. Civil society is the backbone of a robust democracy, and is imperative to the vitality of a free society. Troels Frøling made it his priority to establish Atlantic Treaty Associations in Eastern European countries, to assist in the rebuilding of their civil society. Below is a list of key projects Frøling initiated within Eastern Europe.

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

  • Helped establish Atlantic organisations in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
  • Over 50,000 people were involved in the setup.  Cross border cooperation with the three Baltic countries was a key target.
  • Worked with former dissidents, state universities and different NGOs to launch Atlantic organisations.

West Balkans

  • Utilized participants from all former Yugoslav republics in the organisation and development of Atlantic clubs.
  • Atlantic clubs became the basis for the political network.
  • Networks taught conflict prevention, crisis management, defence and security sector reform, social and economic cohesion, strengthening the rule of law, border security and management , dealing with transparency, arms control and removal of  small arms, legal system, corruption, threat of terrorism, and the improvement of  the environment in all of the countries  involved.

The NATO Bus initiatives

  • Carried out by the Baltic networks – included two buses from the three Baltic countries with young participants who took part in the Prague Summit of 2002.

Next Stop NATO

  • Sent participants from West Balkan countries to the NATO summit in Istanbul 2004, in a public move for membership of NATO.

The Ukrainian Dialogue project

  • To support Western minded groupings and individuals in Ukraine.
  • Created the Youth Summer Schools and the Euro-Atlantic Security Academy both institutions which were set up as meeting places for the necessary exchanges of opinions.

The main goal of these projects has always been to make participants take responsibility and ownership of the actual activities. Frøling believes that societal change starts from the bottom, and is inspired by trustworthy individuals, leaders who respect the rules of democracy. These projects were used as a tool to weed out nepotism and corruption; promote meritocracy and transparency―two key elements of democratic societies.

Please join us at our annual tribute dinner, to help celebrate the work of Troels Frøling, an important figure within the Transatlantic Community.

May 15, 2013 at 6:30 pm
Strachan Hall at Trinity College
6 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto


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