Kenyan Troops Go Where Others Fear to Tread

By: James Bridger Despite attempts to brand itself as a luxury tour destination, Kenya has been unable to escape the harsh reality that it borders a failed state of Hobbesian proportions. Instability has spilled over in recent weeks, as Somali militants launched a series of daring raids into Kenyan territory: On 11 September Judith Tebbutt, […]

An Uncertain Future in Yemen

By: Cameron Becker On January 27 2011, inspired by events in Tunisia and Egypt, thousands took to the streets of Sanaa, the capital city of Yemen, in protest of the Yemeni government. Since then, a power struggle between pro and anti-government factions has resulted in violent strife and political instability. The Yemeni government’s violent response […]

Pakistan: The New Terror Hotspot

By: Kavita Bapat With the drawdown of NATO troops from Afghanistan this summer, questions have been raised about South Asia’s long-term security and stability. In particular, international concern has shifted towards neighbouring Pakistan, which has quickly become South Asia’s terror capital. Concerns about Pakistan’s security are steadily increasing as more suicide attacks destabilize Pakistan’s major […]

Following the Somali Pirates’ Money Trail

By: James Bridger. Somali pirates took in approximately $240 million in ransom payments last year, an enormous sum, particularly for a country where the average yearly income is roughly $600. While the NATO Council’s previous article addressed the myriad risks posed by the expansion of Somali piracy, the question of how this money is spent […]