Thomas holds a Master of Science in International Politics from SOAS, University of London with specialization in International Political Economy, Global Governance and International Security. He has previously worked in London as a Political & Corporate Social Responsibility analyst for Euromax Resources and in Solwezi, Zambia with First Quantum Minerals. Currently based in Canada, Thomas is a regular article and research Contributor, Editor and Social Media Manager for non-profit Global Public Policy Watch, as well as a Research Associate for conflict resolution and grassroots advocacy group, Pragmora. Thomas has particular focus in the study of emerging threats, opportunities, and processes brought about by globalization in an increasingly interconnected world. His areas of interest include transnational terror movements, democratization, asymmetrical conflict, regional geopolitics and the role of intergovernmental organizations. Thomas can be reached at or on LinkedIn.
Society, Culture, and Security Thomas Lee

A Choice for Turkey

This January, Turkey’s parliament passed a series of constitutional amendments that would drastically expand the powers of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Slated for a national referendum in April, Thomas Lee discusses the potential implications of President Erdoğan’s new powers, and the impact they could have on the future of the country’s democracy, security, and multilateral relations.

Africa Society, Culture, and Security Thomas Lee

South Africa: The ANC, Cronyism, and Jacob Zuma’s Nine Lives

The political battleground pitting South African President Jacob Zuma and his personal elite against opposition groups, civil society, and the state’s democratic institutions reached new heights this past year. Thomas Lee takes a look at the country’s rampant corruption, increasingly precarious political and economic backdrop, and the prospects for Zuma’s downfall in 2017.