Simone Stawicki is currently pursuing a graduate degree in International Public Policy from the Balsille School of International Affairs. She completed her undergraduate degree with a B.A. Honours in Political Science with specialization in international relations from Wilfrid Laurier University. Her main area of interest lies within global security, with attention to defence and security issues. Research interests include, but are not limited to, Arctic governance, climate change, post conflict peace and econstruction, arms control and non-proliferation, as well as the unconventional and emerging security threats of the 21 st century. She is a Junior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), where she is part of a team researching and developing policy initiatives to address the emerging security challenges with Arctic governance.
Cyber Security and Emerging Threats

Re-defining NATO’s Role in Energy Security: Far more than just ‘boots on the ground’

Energy has become a growing concern for international security as new risks are posed by the suspension or shortage of global energy resources. The need to maintain safe, reliable and adequate energy supplies will be an increasing priority of the 21st century. As former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton explained during an address Read More…

Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Security, Trade and the Economy

Reconciling Sustainable Energy Development with Economic Growth

The need to confront climate change is no longer solely an academic debate. It is a policy priority. Climate change is one of the most devastating environmental problems of this century and has recently found its way into the center of political debate and discussion, even making its way onto President Barack Obama’s agenda as Read More…