Maryse Kiese writes about Canadian and international security at the NAOC’s Emerging Security Program. She is a member of Women in International Security Canada (WIIS-Canada) where she works on discourse analysis and gender equality issues. A Master of Digital Humanities and Master of Library and Information Science candidate at the University of Alberta, Maryse has demonstrated her interest in artificial intelligence, cyber security, digital libraries and emerging technology. She is an Aspen Institute Socrates program alumnus; she actively participates in international seminars and conferences such as Socrates Japan 2018 and EU Oracle Data Cloud Summit 2016. Maryse currently holds the position of Library Assistant at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. Maryse can be reached at or via LinkedIn
Cyber Security and Emerging Threats

In Pursuit of Total and Unbreachable Protection of Cyberspace, Part I: Canada, a Leader in Cyber Defence

In this article, Junior Research Fellow Maryse Kiese analyzes Canada’s contribution to NATO’s cyber defence strategy by shedding the light on its national approach to improve cyber security and deter cyber criminals.