Lily Jia currently works as a program editor at the NATO Association of Canada. She received her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science and Economics from McGill University in 2019. She also studied competition law, philosophy, and international relations at Sciences Po Paris as an exchange student during her junior year. Her research interests lie primarily in the field of international political economy spanning both monetary relations and globalization. Her additional research interests include U.S.-China competition and Russian foreign policy. Prior to joining the association, Lily volunteered as a logistics coordinator for the 8th United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Global Forum in New York City. In the future, Lily plans to pursue a career in the area of international economic law. Lily can be reached at
Security, Trade and the Economy

Will the Chinese Renminbi Replace the US Dollar as the International Currency?

The “rise of China” on the international stage is virtually an undisputed fact. Some even speak of China ‘eclipsing’ the United States as the preeminent world power. One element of this would likely involve the replacement of the U.S. dollar by the Renminbi as the international currency. But how likely is this scenario to play out? Lily Jia subjects this hypothesis to analytical rigour.