Kristian Rivera is a Junior Research Fellow at the NATO Association of Canada. He is a senior Political Science student at Saint Columban College - Philippines. He serves as a Counterterrorism Fellow at Rise to Peace and a Research Intern at the Russian International Affairs Council, the Pacific Forum, and the Middle East Forum. Currently, he is a legal intern at the Ildefonso and Sumalinog Law Office, based in Pagadian City, Philippines. Kristian is also an alumnus of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative. He published his inaugural review paper in the Journal for Global Peace and Security Studies, Volume 3, in 2022. His essay was also included in Issue 4 of the Bangsamoro Literary Review in 2023. Kristian’s research interest is about studying population movements and dynamics, and finding resolute answers to social, political and economic problems in peace, security, and international relations.
Society, Culture, and Security

The Afghan Diaspora’s Double Dilemma: Mass Migration, Forced Repatriation

Afghan Mass Migration In recent years, Afghanistan has been a focal point of global attention due to the magnitude of its humanitarian crisis after the NATO withdrawal and Taliban takeover in 2021. Decades of persistent insurgency have resulted in widespread insecurity, creating a chaotic environment for individuals and families. The violence from such armed conflict has led Read More…