Brynn Hopper is a Junior Research Fellow for the NATO Association of Canada’s Women in Security Program. She recently graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Political Studies. In her undergraduate career, she led her university’s international affairs publication, The Observer. Her academic interests include human rights issues, gender equality, and international diplomacy. This summer, Brynn is working as the Public Affairs Intern at the United States Embassy in Ottawa.
Afghanistan Women in Security

The Crisis in Afghanistan: An Interview with Journalist and Human Rights Activist, Sally Armstrong

On the streets of Kabul, advertisements depicting the faces of women are sprayed painted over. In a fitting metaphor for the regression of the gains made in the last 20 years, it took only days for years of progress to unravel following the withdrawal of American operations on August 31st and the Taliban’s sweeping takeover. In the following interview, NATO Association of Canada Junior Research Fellow Brynn Hopper sat down with Sally Armstrong to discuss the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan, its implications for women’s rights, and the international security threat it poses.