Amina Abdullayeva is a Research Analyst at the NATO Association of Canada, with a focus on the European Union, Russia and the former USSR. She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto – Centre for European, Russian, Eurasian Studies. Having studied security issues and international affairs extensively, Amina has attended the NATO Summit in Chicago, as well as the 2012 G8 Summit. She was lead editor for the G8 Research Group, evaluating the G8 member states’ compliance with the commitments pledged at the previous Summit. Amina is multilingual and has extensive international experience, having spent one summer in Germany as an intern with the UN, and another in Peru as a project manager with Students for International Development. Contact:
Amina Abdullayeva Eastern Europe and Russia

Russian Foreign Policy is Taking a Disturbing Shape

By: Amina Abdullayeva Russia has seen its fair share of domestic turmoil this week as crowds took to the streets to protest falsified parliamentary elections. Such activity on the part of thousands of ordinary citizens had not been seen since the break-up of the Soviet Union. Mass agitations are often emblematic of notable socio-political changes, Read More…

Amina Abdullayeva Eastern Europe and Russia Western Europe

The “Cold Peace” Between Russia and NATO

By: Amina Abdullayeva Russia has two main problems with NATO at present: missile defence in Europe and NATO’s presence in the Arctic zone. While the missile question is at the forefront of the media these days, the Arctic issue is less acute, simmering in the background with the potential to cause problems in the near Read More…