Alexandra just graduated from McGill University, where she pursued a major in Art History (Honours) and a minor in International Development Studies. She is currently doing an internship with Canadian Journalists for Free Expression. CJFE is a Canadian non-governmental organization that defends the rights of journalists and promotes free expression around the world, particularly through its role as a clearing house for IFEX (a global network defending and promoting free expression). Alexandra has traveled extensively in Europe and is bilingual. Her research interests include Canadian-US relations, development studies, environmentally sustainable economic growth, and the Middle East. She is presently working as a Junior Research Fellow at the Atlantic Council of Canada and is planning to attend law school in September 2014.
Alexandra Zakreski Women in Security

Military Rape Culture: Endemic or Epidemic?

In the past year there has been an influx of reports on a supposed “rape culture” within the United States military. Female soldiers have come forward in large numbers alleging that they experienced sexual harassment, assault, and even repeated rape at the hands of their male colleagues and superiors.