Adam Zivo is a social entrepreneur, photographer, and content producer. His past clients include brands such as America's Next Top Model, Flixel, and Bell Media. He is the founder and director of LoveisLoveisLove, an LGBTQ+ arts campaign that has engaged 400,000+ people to date. Adam completed his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at the University of Toronto, and in 2018 will be commencing his Masters of Public Policy and Governance at The Munk School, University of Toronto. Adam maintains a broad knowledge base, but is particularly focussed on cyber and information warfare, the political use of social media, as well as larger intersections of technology and governance.
Society, Culture, and Security

Opinion: Helsinki and the Effects of Trump’s Pivot to Russia

The 2018 Helsinki Summit, held between Russia and the United States, indicates a pivot towards Russia by the Trump administration. In this article Junior Research Fellow Adam Zivo shares his thoughts on why that matters and what American Russophilia might mean for the future of Europe.

Cyber Security and Emerging Threats Film Reviews

Metalhead and the Fear of Integration

Black Mirror is an anthology series that explores the relationship between humanity and technology. Each episode takes us to a near-future world that often demonstrates the disturbing potential of today’s innovations. Season four includes the episode “Metalhead,” in which our anxieties regarding intelligent, autonomous drones is examined.

Cyber Security and Emerging Threats

Why Cyberwar Confounds International Law – Part 2: Arrows in the Dark

True global security requires that cyberwarfare be governed by international law, but several factors make this difficult, if not impossible. In the second part of a multipart series, Adam Zivo zeroes in on how anonymity and attribution problems challenge our legal systems.