Soha Sarfraz

Soha Sarfraz, a recent alumna of York University, holds an Honour Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, specializing in International Relations, accompanied by a complementary accreditation in Public Administration. Soha maintains a diverse spectrum of interests, with a central dedication to geopolitics, security and foreign policy. Actively participating in various international relations conferences, Soha has earned recognition and accolades for her notable contributions within the academic community. Prior to this, Soha assumed executive positions at non-governmental organizations IRSAY and RefugeAid, cultivating a platform for Canadian youth to actively participate in international matters and build diplomatic networks. Currently, Soha is undertaking an internship through the Junior Research Fellowship Program with the NATO Association of Canada, where her insights contribute to the publication of seminal works focusing on Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats. Soha can be reached at