Joseph Bouchard

Joseph is a Junior Research Fellow in Energy Security at the NAOC. Originally from Quebec City, Joseph earned a BA in International Relations and Latin American Studies from the University of British Columbia. He is currently pursuing a Master’s of International Affairs in National Security and Diplomacy at the Bush School of Government at Texas A&M. Joseph is interested in the dynamics of modern state conflicts in the Americas, putting a particular focus on transnational security issues in Latin America. He also hosts the monthly Realpolitik podcast, where he invites experts to discuss international security issues. During Summer 2021, Joseph will also be working as an Intern at the Department Against Transnational Organized Crime at the Organization of American States. He also writes bi-weekly columns on international security at Spheres of Influence. Joseph hopes to work in regional geopolitical analysis, focusing on national, regional, and hemispheric security in the Americas. Joseph can be reached