NATO Association of Canada Events

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International Conferences

Below is a consolidated list of all international and Canadian conferences taking place pertaining to international relations, politics, trade, energy and sustainable development.

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Apr 24-25 After Communism, East and West Under Scrutiny, Craiova, Romania

May 2-4 Pluralism: Addressing the Challenges of the Modern Nation-State…, Dubrovnik, Croatia

May 6-7 International Conference on Arts, Culture, and History, Istanbul, Turkey

May 7-9 CfP: Alliances – Un/common Causes and the Politics of Participation, Berlin, Germany

May 20-22 Reconciliation and Justice, Vienna, Austria

May 26-29 Civil Unrest and Socio-Political Changes…Tbilisi, Georgia

June 6-7 8th International Conference on Economics and Social Sciences, Thailand

June 24-27 Kings & Queens 4: Dynastic Changes & Legitimacy, Lisbon, Portugal

July 3-4 A New Agenda? Debating the Middle East and Central Asia Early-Career Researcher Australia

July 24-25 International Conference on Defence and Security Management,, Sri Lanka

July 24-25 Euro-Asia Forum in Politics, Economics and Business – 2015Istanbul, Turkey

August 3-6 The 2015 International Social Sciences & Humanities Research Conference in London, London, UK

August 11-13 2nd Annual International Conference on Social Sciences, Sri Lanka

August 26-28 UNE Peace Studies Conference 2015, Australia

September 7-8 NATO Information Assurance and Cyber Defence Symposium 2016, Mons, Belgium

September 14-16 2nd Annual International Conference on Law, Economics and Politics, UK