Isabel Zucchero

Isabel is joining the NAOC team after completing her B.A (Hons.) and M.A in the department of Political Studies at Queen’s University. During her five years at Queen’s, Isabel developed a keen interest in international defence and security, and the international political economy. While attending school, she was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and events with the Centre for International and Defence Policy (CIDP). These included conferences, workshops, and various research projects, which further contributed to Isabel’s interest in the field of international relations and security studies. Isabel is passionate about inspiring young Canadians to take an interest in both Canada’s contributions to international institutions, and our role in international peace and security more broadly. She hopes to pursue the education and outreach aspect of NAOC’s mandate during her time with the association. When she is not thinking about defence policy, Isabel enjoys spending time outside with her four-legged family members, and playing music.