Dakota Bewley

My name is Dakota Bewley and I have lived in Ontario, Canada my whole life. In an era of emerging issues threatening the current world order, I have developed an interest and passion for international relations, national security and global conflict and terrorism.

Throughout my academic career, I have developed an extensive interest in domestic and foreign politics, world events and history. I have come to understand that our privileged life in developed Western nations are an anomaly. It is unique and it is not a given in most of the world. As such, it is important to maintain our civilization and the luxuries we may take for granted.

As of Fall 2018, I am In my final semester of my Bachelor’s of Arts program, specializing in Criminology. I expect to graduate in December 2018. Following my undergrad program, coupled with this NATO internship, I aim to achieve footholds in the field of global affairs, international diplomacy and intelligence, specifically framed around international criminal law.

In terms of employment, I have worked in various retail and restaurant positions since high school (2009-2013) which have helped me develop excellent communication and problem solving skills in a practical and logistical framework, and have thereby allowed me to be confident to apply these skills in a professional manner.

By the end of this internship I seek to develop networks, develop a greater understanding of NATO and international diplomacy, political science, international law and ultimately gain footholds in the field.