Britney Best

Britney Best is entering her final year of study at the University of Toronto, specializing in Political Science. 

Britney is the program editor for the Women in Security Program at the NATO Association of Canada. In addition, Britney serves as the Director of Administration for the Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (CCR2P), she is appointed as a Junior Associate at The Park Group and Lead Analyst at the NATO Research Group, where she will be contributing to a final report this fall.

Britney’s research interests include human rights, cybersecurity and international cooperation on emerging threats. Her primary focus has been Canadian foreign policy in the Arctic region, with reference to Japanese interests, and the potential for collaboration with Asia-Pacific partners. Britney co-authored a literature review with Dr. Tina J. Park on this topic, published by the North American and Arctic Defense Security Network (NAADSN). You can view it here.

Britney is based in Toronto and enjoys mountain biking in her free time.