Arjun Singh Yanglem

Arjun is pursuing a double major in Psychology and Public Policy at the University of Toronto. As an active student leader at UofT, he has enthused a lot of passion to several clubs, committees, and initiatives such as being the Co-President: UofT Global Brigades, VP External: Co-Op Students’ Association, 2nd-Year Representative: Geography & City Studies Association, Lead Relations: TEDxUTSC, Director of Events: ACE UTSC, Campus Connector: Health & Wellness Center, Publications Associate: UofT Policython. He has served as the First-Year Residence Representative for the Student Housing Advisory Committee and Member of the Student Life & International Student Center Advisory Committee. He is currently serving as the undergraduate representative on the UTSC Campus Council, Ambassador and Steward for Hart House, Ambassador for UofT’s Admissions & Student Recruitment Office, Ambassador and Member of the Board of Directors for the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union. His unwavering commitment to the field of diplomacy extends beyond the theoretical realm; he aspires to be at the vanguard of crafting innovative, inclusive policies that transcend borders and foster international cooperation. With a resolute determination to serve as a diplomat, advocate, and global steward, he stands poised to navigate the labyrinthine corridors of international affairs, poised to make a meaningful and lasting impact within the auspices of the United Nations.