The Atlantic Council Trust

About The Atlantic Council Trust

The goal of the The Atlantic Council Trust is to promote awareness of international affairs in Canada. The NAOC connects Canadians with the tools they need to keep up to date with current affairs and remain aware of the role NATO plays in ensuring peace and prosperity. In order to fulfill our valuable function, the NAOC requires resources to maintain and expand our operations, which include conferences, seminars and regular publications.

The Atlantic Council Trust was established in 2013 with the goal of providing consistent support to the NATO Association of Canada and its activities. A trust fund consists of various assets and benefits that can ensure financial security and stability for a charity or a non-profit organization. It can be comprised of cash, stocks, bonds, property, or any other types of financial support.

Contributing to the The Atlantic Council Trust will provide you with flexibility in managing your assets, while making a donation to a non-profit organization that aims to promote, educate, and link Canadians to international affairs, peace, and security. Assets are managed by a Trust Committee, which allocates the funds to the Association’s various activities and initiatives. Up to 30% of any gift or bequest can be used by the NATO Association of Canada for operational services, while the rest of the donation will be invested in accordance with the Ontario Trustee Act. The funds are to be used as requested by the donor.

If you would like to leave a request to the NATO Association of Canada in your will, please click here to download the Bequest Form.

To leave a gift or donation to the Association, please click here to download the Donation Form.

For more details on the the the Atlantic Council Trust, please contact:

Mr. Robert Baines
Telephone: (416) 979-1875

NATO Association of Canada
Association Canadienne Pour L’OTAN
60 Harbour Street, 4th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5J 1B7