Muhammad Waqar Ahmad is currently the Public Diplomacy Officer at the NATO Association of Canada. He has a history of serving for various U.S. Ambassadors and U.S. Consul Generals in Pakistan as their Cultural Advisor. He has previously served on the Protocol and Advisory teams to the former U.S. President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry for the ASEAN Summit as Press Site Assistant in 2013. As a social activist, Muhammad leans on his professional training in public diplomacy from the U.S. State Department, which enabled him to be a peace maker. He has won 5 U.S. Ambassadorial Honor and 4 U.S. Department of State Eagle Service Awards for his commendable service to advance US Government’s efforts to counter violence and extremism in South Asia. He has won awards as Grants Officer Representative, for promoting the music, arts, literacy, health, international peace, security and interfaith projects in South Asia. He is currently enrolled in Master of Social Justice Education at University of Toronto.