Thank you to our photographer and videographer for this event, Adam Zivo (@adamzivo)!


Dr. Karen Davis

Dr. Karen Davis is a retired Royal Canadian Navy Lieutenant-Commander and the senior scientist for leadership and culture within Military Personnel Command. She served in the military for 22 years, and has conducted research on military human resource challenges for over 25 years, including her PhD dissertation, Negotiating Gender in the Canadian Forces, 1970-1999. Karen is currently the co-chair of a NATO Research Task Group on the Integration of Women into Ground Combat Units.

Major Kathryn Foss
Major Kathryn Foss, CD BSc MEng, has been a member of the CAF since 1987, and has been advocating for LGBTQ2I+ rights for over 30 years. She is currently employed within Military Personnel Command and is one of the CAF’s Positive Space Ambassadors.
Sergeant Kristina S. Melvin
Sergeant Kristina S. Melvin, BSc CD, is a CAF Medical Technician who has served in Sierra Leone, Bosnia and Afghanistan. She is an advisor on the CAF Military Personnel Instruction on the Administration of Gender Identity and Gender Expression, and a mentor and coach to transitioning CAF members.