The NATO Association of Canada presents “The Future of the Israel-NATO Strategic Partnership,” a conference on the current state and future prospects of the NATO-Israel strategic partnership from a military and intelligence cooperation standpoint.


Due to recent geopolitical developments on NATO’s Eastern and Southern Flanks, NATO’s attention and efforts are increasingly divided. Such a strategic environment presents an opportunity for increased collaboration between Israel and NATO in confronting the challenges emanating from the Southern Flank.


This conference will explore the costs and benefits of deepening the Israel-NATO partnership for both entities. The event will feature speakers General Thomas J. Lawson, Former Chief of Defence Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces, and Mr. Tommy Steiner from IDC Herzliya. General Lawson will present NATO’s perspective on the degrading security situation in the Middle East, while Mr. Steiner will discuss the potential benefits and challenges of a deepened Israel-NATO partnership.


The event will be followed by a cocktail reception, presenting a valuable networking opportunity for attendees.


Event details

Monday, October 16th, 2017

19h30 — 22h30


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Montreal, QC