Finland’s NATO Debate

Finland’s relationship with NATO has a long and complicated history. Despite actively taking part in its activities and offering support for the Alliance, the Finnish government all the same rejects to apply for a membership in the organization in line with popular opinion, while retaining an option of applying in the future. Historical context At […]

Invite Only

By Andrew de Vos A new NATO Council weekly that offers a lighter perspective of global events. About the artist: Andrew de Vos is an Australian artist who has recently moved to Toronto from Melbourne. He is influenced by all types of art, from the traditional to pop culture. He can be contacted at

Kyrgyzstan’s Struggle for Democracy

The recent ousting of Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev has brought yet another new chapter in Kyrgyzstan’s journey towards democracy since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Washington Post claims that the interim government, headed by foreign minister Roza Otunbayeva is attempting to reclaim Kyrgyzstan’s status as an “island of democracy” within Central Asia. Yet looting and violent protests are still occurring in the capital, Bishkek. Amid fears of a civil war, President Bakiyev has fled to Kazakhstan. To date, at least 84 people have died from the violence.

The NATO Council of Canada Spring Conference, 2010

The NATO Council’s annual Spring Conference was held on April 8, 2010. This year’s topic was ‘Minimizing Conflict in the Race for Natural Resources: Securing Economic Stability in the 21st Century’, looking at different issues pertaining to energy security from geopolitical, economic and military standpoints. Conference attendees were offered an in-depth look at many different aspects of resource scarcity from an impressive list of speakers from a wide range of industries and professional backgrounds. The speakers provided thorough, informed and detailed discussions that sparked debate and dialogue on how energy security will impact both the public and private sectors and how NATO will define its role in dealing with the increasingly complex security issue.

2010 Undergraduate Essay Contest – Natural Resources and Conflict in the 21st Century

The NATO Council of Canada announces the 2010 undergraduate student essay contest on the subject of natural resources and conflict in the 21st century. Essays received before April 1 will be considered for free admission to the NATO Council of Canada Spring Conference. Essays received by May 15 will be considered for admission to another upcoming academic conference. All winners will also receive a free one year membership to the NATO Council of Canada and have their winning piece published on the NATO Council of Canada’s website.