February 11: Roundtable – The Challenges of United Nations Policing

RegistrationMember Registration $20.00 CADNon-Member Registration $25.00 CADStudent Registration $15.00 CAD Please join us from 6:45-­8:30pm on the evening of February 11th  at 165 University Avenue for a discussion on  The Challenges of United Nations Policing. Retired RCMP officer Larry Busch will describe the strengths and weaknesses of United Nations Policing Operations. The event will begin […]

ACRE: “R” Stands for Russia and “E” Stands for Europe

In his article, “Canada’s Four Point Game,” Irvin Studin, Program Director for the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance, argues that Canada should position itself to be one of this century’s major powers. In making this argument, Studin outlines decisive factors that make Canada ready for major power stardom, including its large […]

The View from a Eurosceptic: An Interview with Professor Alan Sked

As the “Eurozone” crisis persists, debate over the future of Europe continues. Some, have called for closer political unity. Others have called for more distance from the European Union. Belonging to this camp is Alan Sked, Professor of International History at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Having studied under Historian A.J.P Taylor, […]