Talking Somalia with Dr. Christopher Daniels

Interview by James M. Bridger Given the dangers associated with conducting research in the country, Somalia has long suffered from a dearth of genuine academic and journalistic inquiry—resulting in a number of myths and misconceptions. Seeking to counter this, Dr. Christopher Daniels has carried out extensive research in Somalia and the wider region in an […]

The EU’s Misguided Move to Fight Pirates Onshore

When confronting the crisis of Somali piracy, the preferred strategy of the international community has been to deploy naval vessels to protect vulnerable ships and deter and disrupt pirate attacks. The refrain that ‘the solution to piracy lies onshore’ is oft-heard, but counter-piracy actors—including the US, the EU, and NATO—have been slow to deepen their […]

NATO, The African Union and the Fight Against Piracy

By: James Marcus Bridger One would be hard pressed to find an article analyzing Somali piracy—be it journalistic, academic, or militarily focused—that does not make the claim that this maritime problem can only be solved on land. In the four years that the international community has attempted to address this crisis, however, a coherent and […]

New Year Brings Heightened Tensions for Iran and the West

By: Jason Wiseman The beginning of 2012 has seen a dramatic heightening of tensions between Iran and the international community. With pressure mounting on the Islamic Republic, the upcoming few months will see a dangerous unfolding of events in the Middle East. Trouble in the Gulf Ending a 10 day naval exercise dubbed Velayat 90 […]

Storm Brewing over Mistral Sale to Russia

By: Simon Miles It has long been acknowledged that Russia possesses a powerful military; but equally broadly accepted that it is in dire need of modernization. Of late, the Russian government of Dmitri Medvedev and Vladimir Putin has been taking steps to rectify this defect and bring the Russian military in line with the standard […]