The Defence Gender Gap Extends Beyond the Military

Daniel argues that gender equality can be measured in any country by the number of defense portfolios awarded to women throughout its history, with Minister of Defense being the most telling.

Alliance Between Boko Haram and ISIS: What Does it Mean?

Vanessa Hayford explores what the recent allegiance pledged by Boko Haram to the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) means for the future of Jihadism in the Middle East and West Africa.

A Jordanian Response to ISIS: Section II

Section I of this series examined the Jordanian reaction to Lt. Moath Kasasbeh’s execution and concepts of legitimizing military operations through public sentiment in times of crisis. Military action, however, is not a clear-cut path to annihilating this extremist threat.  Contesting ISIS’s influence must not be restricted to sheer military power, and should include ideological […]