Al-Qaeda’s New Structure and Frontier

The Operational Shift Prior to 2001, al-Qaeda had a coherent and centralized leadership. Orders were given in a top-down hierarchical fashion. According to the typology developed by counter-terrorism experts Shaul Mishal and Maoz Rosenthal, the US-led invasion of Afghanistan has forced al-Qaeda to remodel itself into a “dune” organization. This means that al-Qaeda has now become […]

New Year Brings Heightened Tensions for Iran and the West

By: Jason Wiseman The beginning of 2012 has seen a dramatic heightening of tensions between Iran and the international community. With pressure mounting on the Islamic Republic, the upcoming few months will see a dangerous unfolding of events in the Middle East. Trouble in the Gulf Ending a 10 day naval exercise dubbed Velayat 90 […]

Cyber Security Part IV: Cyber Terrorism

By: Jason Wiseman After addressing the points of contention between states and cyber security, this brings us to a new juncture of the unknown, cyber terrorism. Having crept its way into the concerns of policy makers and security officials around the world, the issue of a cyber attack being initiated by a terrorist organization must […]

Cyber Security Part III: Cyber Espionage

By: Jason Wiseman Of all the issues covered in this series of security briefs on cyberspace, none is more critical than cyber-espionage. As of today, cyber espionage is the most common and persistent threat to national security emanating from the digital realm. Not only is this an easier and newer intercept method, it is cheaper, […]

Cyber Security Part II – Cyber War

By:  Jason Wiseman The movement of warfare into the dimension of cyberspace has already begun. This article will focus on three things. First, providing a comprehensive definition of what cyber war is. Second, a description of how it has been used so far in modern warfare. Third, the potential this new tool has to inflict […]