Jayson Derow is a Research Analyst at NATO Association of Canada. Jayson has recently completed his studies for a Bachelor of Human Justice with a major concentration in Social Justice and Human Rights, a Psychology Minor, a Women’s and Gender Studies Minor, along with a Bachelor of Arts Honours Major in Political Science from the University of Regina. Jayson is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Political Studies, with a specialization in International Relations at Queen’s University. He was previously a policy intern with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) in Washington, D.C. where he worked to raise awareness in the media, on Capitol Hill, and among society as a whole in order to create a country that honours and supports post 9/11 veterans through education, advocacy, and community building. Eight years of military service in the Canadian Armed Forces with the Royal Regina Rifles and one deployment to Afghanistan in 2010, has influenced his life and has positively impacted his choice to study politics, and with that, to intern with the NATO Association of Canada. His research interests broadly concern Canadian and American foreign policy, terrorism, counter-terrorism, violent non-state actors, and state failure. Jayson can be reached at derow.jayson@gmail.com